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Planning your next getaway? Let one of our amazing TALVOR caravans take you there!

The first thing you will notice about a TALVOR Caravan is its distinctive styling. But far more than just good looks, a TALVOR caravan offers the ultimate combination of aesthetics, functionality and value.

Built to the highest standards of construction seen in the caravan industry today, we employ a foam-core over a strong yet flexible aluminium frame construction, and finish with a seamless gel-coat poly vinyl sheet. This method of construction means that your new TALVOR caravan will not only be watertight, but will be looking and performing as new for many years to come.

Underneath, your TALVOR caravan chassis is ready to provide the support you need. Built to withstand Australia’s rugged road conditions, our TALVOR galvanised steel, dual-axel, leaf spring suspension chassis are engineered to perform exceptionally behind your tow vehicle.

Step inside your TALVOR caravan and take in the light, modern, spacious living spaces. Designed to achieve maximum energy efficiency, we use contemporary RV technology to minimise consumption without sacrificing functionality. TALVOR caravans are expertly finished using only the best high quality components and appliances, and we offer a range of contemporary hard and soft furnishings.

What others offer as ‘optional extras’ we include as standard – you will find a large AES fridge, 4-burner cooktop, large oven, all-electric awnings and washing machine in every caravan we sell.

For further details regarding any RV for sale, please contact the TALVOR team.

TALVOR Caravans


The smallest caravan with a slide-out on the market! Come see why everyone is talking about the 480A.


Designed and built in Australia with an array of excellent features, the TALVOR 550A should be on every caravan shoppers list.


Sturdy construction and smooth towability make the 650A the perfect companion on your next roadtrip.


The 650B is one of the most popular in TALVOR’s caravan range. Packed with features it’s no wonder it has proved a success with caravan enthusiasts.

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