TALVOR on the road with a lake in the background

Fleet and Government

TALVOR has vast manufacturing facilities in Brisbane (AUS) and in Auckland (NZ). While we specialise in consumer and rental building, we have completed a number of projects for government, educational institutions, remote medical and large business to assist them in creating remote working/living solutions.

For Example:

  • Engineering firms looking for remote accommodation and highly mobile office facilities
  • Hospitals offering regional health, regional dentistry etc.
  • Corporations looking for unique marketing tools, customised fit outs with their products in a roaming show room
  • Real estate agents looking for rural auction/office/accommodation facilities
  • Government departments looking for road side office space, RBT, Health Services
Please contact us on info@TALVOR.com (mail-to link)  for more information. These services are provided directly by the manufacturer due to the highly customisable requirements of our clients.
Australian Made
  • Mercedes
  • Fiat
  • Volkswagon
  • Ford
  • Toyota